Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #35

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Todd McFarlane
Inker – Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – David Cody Weiss

With Hourman being held hostage by Injustice Unlimited, members of Infinity Inc. and the Global Guardians accompanied by some of the villains, head out across the globe, all of them with very specific tasks. For Nuklon and Rising Sun who are accompanied by Artemis and their task – two break a couple of prisoners out of where they are being held. Said prisoners turn out to be none other than Sportsmaster and Huntress, much to the dismay of the heroes. Roy Thomas and company then cut to Wildcat and Tasmanian Devil who are helping Hazard get a little revenge on certain peoples for what happened to her father, The Gambler. Elsewhere in jolly old England, Fiddler has brought Green Flame and Obsidian along to help him steal a very expensive violin while in Athens, Shade and Fury look to steal a piece of the alter of Erebus. Standing in their way is The Olympian and of course, a fight breaks out. Finally, Icicle and Jade are up in the Arctic where a figure rests within the ice, someone Jade had thought she had seen the last of. Continuing from the last issue, the Infinitors have their hands full and it makes for a fun tale as each of them has no choice but to do what the villains command, at least for the moment that is. Out of the fray is Skyman and Brainwave who might be able to help out, as long as they can get to Canada on time though rescuing Hourman might not be a problem as it looks like he might have the situation well in hand having hidden a few Miraclo pills on himself, his captors missing them when he was first captured. The artwork by Todd McFarlane and Tony DeZuniga is decent, far from their best on the title but nowhere near their worst. What makes this book more interesting is not necessarily what takes place within but where it will lead and the repercussions that are soon to be felt from all of the actions taken within. Of all of them, it is almost a nail-biting moment to see what will happen with Jade and what happens with the completion of her task, something that is sure to have an explosive consequence in the next issue. An entertaining book on all fronts.

3 out of 5

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