Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #27

Writer – Uncredited
Artist – Jack Abel
Inker – José Delbo

Samson and his friends have encountered many wonders in their travels – places, people and especially creatures of all shapes and sizes. It is an amazing thing when they come across a faun then, the kind that has not existed on the Earth for many a year since the nuclear fire rained down from the sky. Saving it from a Tigrawk, they follow it back to a cave at the zoo where they meet a man named Noah, a man who looks as if he is ready to part the waters so to speak. They listen to his tale, one of portent, one where he built an ark to house two of every animal so that he might preserve them when disaster struck. So it was that he and his animals spent many years under the sea in his submersible ark until something woke them up a couple of days past and to rescue the rest of the creatures, Noah is going to need Samson’s help. Once again, there is another uncredited writer to this tale who delivers a lot of fun with this issue, a story half-ripped from the bible that takes place in a post-apocalyptic N’Yark and all that goes with it. There are plenty of giant creatures, threats that come in all shapes and sizes and yet the biggest threat Samson and his companions face comes not from the beasts of the Earth but from the man named Noah who feels that mankind is the biggest plague to ever come from the planet. Upon his awakening, he was saddened to learn that humans had persevered and so, taking the only steps he feels left to him, he starts to mutate his animals that they might survive this new world and more importantly, survive humanity. Though it is a little sad, Samson must protect his friends from Noah and his monsters and the fights, as good as they are by artists Jack Abel and José Delbo are nothing exactly new to the book, though tinged with tragedy. In the end, Noah is defeated, not by Samson but by his own hand and readers have to feel sorry for the man as they can sympathize with his situation. Overall, the story was highly entertaining, another adventure and another experience new to the companions though like always, one where they had to battle for their lives and one without much of a happy ending.

4 out of 5

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