Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #26

Writer – Uncredited
Artist – José Delbo

The twenty-sixth issue of Mighty Samson begins with an enemy that Samson and his friends cannot fight, the sun itself and the heatwave that it has brought to N’Yark over the past few weeks. With no rain and brutal heat, those who live in the city including the companions are having a hard time of it and water is becoming scarce. While they scavenge as they always do, finding that which they need to live is not as easy as they had hoped and yet fate has brought them to an abandoned factory that has machines that can purify water. That night as they wait for the machines to do their work, Sharmaine goes for a walk and manages to get herself in a bit of trouble. Samson runs out to save her and scares the attacker away after which the factory is destroyed. Mindor believes it came from a ship in the harbour and so they board it only to find a tribe of gill-people who blame the companions for destroying their home. The writer of this tale obviously took a little inspiration from Universal’s Creature From the Black Lagoon and José Delbo just seemed to run with it as the comparisons between the two are undeniable. That being said, they create a fun tale that finds these undersea people just looking to survive and with the multitude of threats that emerge on a daily basis in this new post-apocalyptic world, one can understand just why it is that they do what they do. Even Sharmaine addresses the topic earlier on in the issue as she is just finding it so tiring to always be on the lookout in case she and her friends are attacked or their food stolen or whatever the case might be. As it is, the two sides face off for a little bit until an opportunity arrives for Samson to prove to these people that he is not an enemy and it does so in the form of monsters, something this book definitely excels at. The artwork is smooth and clean and Delbo has truly made this title his own now and the man is exceptionally good at what he does as Samson and company have never looked better. All of it coupled with the story makes for a great read and this issue turned out to be a lot of fun with an ending that gives the companions hope for the future as they create some new allies and gain a constant source of fresh water.

4 out of 5

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