Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #13

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, John Layman
Artist – Mikel Janin, Guillermo Ortego
Colours – Jeremy Cox
Letters – Steve Wands

Continuing off of the last issue, Gordon has a chat with his son who offers him freedom as long as he admits he is just a man with flaws like everyone else, something that will be a little hard for the man or for anyone who has never done so before. Harper Row has broken into Red Robin’s lair while Lt. Bard, Harvey Bullock, Major Sawyer and Vicki Vale bust a ton of Falcone’s goons without Commissioner Forbes being able to do or say anything about it. Falcone is not happy, to say the least, and there will be hell to pay. And to top it all off, Stephanie Brown is not having an easy go of it with her father, as Cluemaster has just murdered one of her friends. For a daughter to have her father do as such is more than a little shocking, even if she had an inkling of who he might really be but with this act, it cements within her, just who it is her father really is. There might not have been a lot of action in this book compared to earlier issues, but it was nice to see the continuation of threads from the previous issue and some payoff from them. Lt. Bard is a character who is coming along nicely and is proving himself a fine addition to the GCPD. Stephanie Brown’s story is moving along slowly still, but at least it is moving and when she finally gets to the point where she confronts her father it is sure to be memorable. There was very little Batman in this issue, but that was actually quite all right as what readers did get was some quality time with many of the supporting characters. As this was a weekly series and as it does feature so many characters within it, Batman does not have to be front and center each and every issue despite his name appearing in the title. There is some great artwork once again by Mikel Janin who is joined by Guillermo Ortego this round and there is also a definite upswing on the script by the team of writers who continue to make this story compelling.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I always liked this film, being a big fan of Carl Sagan since his Cosmos days (book and TV doc series), I thought it was amazing when I saw it in the cinema and it had a great DVD release, but have to admit its fallen in my estimation over the years. Don’t know if you’ve seen my latest review of it when I watched it a few months back, but I’ve started to have issues with how it treats religion and how it tries to both have its cake and eat it with the films ambiguous ending. It is a good film though- its just not really as clever as it pretends to be or as faithful to Carl Sagan’s thinking as it possibly purports.


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