Issue by Issue – Black Knight Vol.3 #3

Writer – Frank Tieri
Artist – Luca Pizzari, Kev Walker
Colours – Antonio Fabela
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Of late, Dane Whitman has found himself a resident of Weirdworld, the circumstances of which writer Frank Tieri reveals here. We are privy to the aftermath of the moment where the Black Knight killed a man and seemingly made a run for it with the Uncanny Avengers in tow, looking to bring the former Avenger in to face the repercussions for his crime. Whether it was luck or fate, ending up on Weirdworld saved Dane’s life and now his past is catching up to him as the Avengers have found him. The latest issue of Black Knight is pretty rousing, with much of it due to Tieri who peppers the book with both excitement and comedy and seeing the back and forth between Dane, his forces and the Avengers will make readers chuckle at least a couple of times. Also making one laugh is the moment when all of the clans who were supposedly loyal to Dane desert him because of a threat by Steve Rogers, especially after all the work it took to get them on his side. Dane being Dane, he will not go down easy though and even if he must fight alone, fight he will and it makes for one of the best scenes in the entire book. The artwork by Luca Pizzari and Kev Walker is not as polished as some of the other titles that Marvel puts out right now, but it helps to accentuate not only the mood and the strange creatures, found in the book but the weird in Weirdworld. Currently, it looks like Dane could be in a lot of trouble and all readers can do is wait and see what the creatures have in store for our hero which everyone knows will be pretty good. While it is only three issues in and just starting out, seeing a little more of the story between Dane and his sword would be great not to mention answering the question – where is Aragorn?

3.5 out of 5

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