Revenge by Any Other Name… – Jonah Hex (2010)

There are times when a movie does not live up to expectations and unsurprisingly, many believed Jonah Hex to be one of those and yet, it did not truly disappoint which makes for a strange conundrum as it turned out to be better than most said it was. It was not as if the makers of this film did not try to deliver something that the fans would like but when it came to certain aspects, it was almost as if they had blinders on and felt that they could improve upon the source material from the comic books, which as it turns out, they could not. That being said, for any faults it had, it more than made up for them in other areas.

The main problem with this film was taking Hex away from his origins and giving him a supernatural twist, that being able to speak to the dead. While that is cool in and of itself and might have worked if this were any other movie, it did not work here as Jonah Hex does not have that kind of power. Never has and most likely never will. Objectively, it did not necessarily ruin the picture, so one has to wonder just why it was decided to do such a thing. Perhaps the thinking that a western might not be a box office draw in 2010 or that the source material was a little weak, which it surely was not. As it is, giving Hex this power was a mistake as the man is far and above more interesting than many of his superpowered counterparts.

When it comes to the rest of the film, there was a lot of action to be had and one can say that it never lacked for excitement. When it came to those who starred within like Megan Fox, she would do exactly as one might expect and those expecting something different will be sorely disappointed as she was merely present to add a bit of eye candy to the proceedings as well as being the damsel in distress that Hex would need to fret over. The rest of the cast would put in a fairly boisterous performance including Josh Brolin as Hex himself and John Malkovitch as Quentin Turnbull and the two would ham it up throughout and be surrounded by a very talented supporting cast which would include Michael Shannon, Will Arnett, Michael Fassbender, Wes Bentley, Aidan Quinn and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Malkovich always makes for a good villain and Brolin is quite good as Hex, the man nailing the western hero’s demeanour perfectly.

If one were to watch this movie and take it for what it was, they might enjoy themselves than if they should obsess over the things that are wrong with it. Jonah Hex might have had its faults but it also had a lot of good within as well and ultimately, the good outweighed the bad making for a fun popcorn flick one can just randomly put on and enjoy.

3 out of 5

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