Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #25

Writer – Uncredited
Artist – José Delbo

Samson, Mindor and Sharmaine are out scavenging for supplies when they hear a commotion underground and it is there where they see a giant mole-worm attacking a young couple. Springing into action, Samson attacks the creature, looking to save the man and woman and the fight is a ferocious one. As it is, he makes little headway against the monster until Mindor uses some gasoline to burn it alive, saving the couple but finding out soon after that they were willing sacrifices to what they considered their god. It is baffling to Samson and his friends and yet, they have encountered many strange things in N’Yark with more sure to follow. Whosoever wrote this issue as there is no writer’s credit, did a good job with this issue, creating a bit of tension between these newcomers and the companions as well as a bit of suspense for the reader, wondering just what it is these two people have in store for Samson and his friends for killing their god. As it is, despite what does actually happen, they are forgiven and take Samson’s side as the rest of their tribe who live underground seek revenge for the heresy that was committed. There is action aplenty and José Delbo does a great job at bringing it to life. While it might not be anything new as far as this book is concerned, it is always one of the more exciting things to see as Samson is overwhelmed by forces greater than him, only to see him beat them back with his incredible strength. Suffice it to say, the high priest who has a mad-on for Samson and his friends for killing his god and who has been egging his people on in order that they might try and resurrect their deity does not last very long. What is most novel about this tale is the fact that Samson’s enemy is not bested by Samson but by himself as the priest takes his own life, thinking that his own blood will do the trick of bringing the mole-worm back to life. It of course fails and the book ends on a happy note as the once hostile tribe is angry no more and eager to discover the surface world once again. A fun story with great artwork makes Mighty Samson consistently entertaining.

3.5 out of 5

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