Issue by Issue – Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #2

Writer – Fabian Nicieza
Artist – Christian Gorney, Alex Maleev
Inker – Michael Halbleib
Colours – Michael Kraiger, Shannon Blanchard
Letters – Richard Starkings

The Two-Gun Kid and his companions are being hunted by the army, the Japanese, the Russians – by almost everyone and even when they think of stopping, they find they have to keep on going or risk not having the ability to do so ever again. For Matt Hawk, his time in the future has given him insight as to the time of his death and he knows where and when it will be, so he is not too particularly concerned about death at the moment, though that does not factor into the men who ride at his side. At the moment, they are trying to get the man named Fournier back to Canada before a world war breaks out, though as to why they still are not quite sure. It all involves a couple of golden minks, a picture and more. Said items are wanted by other nations and it is a race to see who can claim them all first. Soon the trio is racing to Alaska after being betrayed by Fournier and soon enough, they make it, Fournier back at their side after a time, a secret map assembled and a treasure discovered. Fabian Nicieza wraps the story up nicely, this last ride of the Two-Gun Kid not exactly turning out as he would have readers believe or how history would make it. While the Kid would realize that his time was fast approaching and knowing that a last desperate attempt would be needed to save those who accompanied him, he would do so without hesitation, sacrificing himself without thought for himself. Of course, it would all end up with Matt Hawk changing the course of his future, the man living to see another day, a good thing for readers though his appearances in the Marvel Universe from the time of this publication in 1995 can be counted on one hand. The artwork was improved from the last issue, mainly due to the colouring of Michael Kraiger and Shannon Blanchard which made it look far better than the previous installment and thus reading it far more enjoyable. That being said, it still could have been a little more exciting but all in all, it was nice to see the Two-Gun Kid in action which is always a good time.

3 out of 5

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