Four Colour Thoughts – The Me You See in the Dark #1

The Creators – Skottie Young – Writer, Jorge Corona – Artist, Jean-Francois Beaulieu – Colours, Nate Piekos – Letters

The Players – Ro Meadows, The Ghost, Atti

The Story – Where better to find inspiration than a haunted house?

The Take – Skottie Young and Jorge Corona, fresh off their hit series Middlewest, begin a new series featuring a young woman named Ro Meadows, a painter who is looking to create some new artwork. Inspiration, of course, does not come easy and as the creators point out, it has been some time since Ro has made anything. So when looking for a place to stay and a supposedly haunted house becomes available, she takes it. As the story progresses, Ro has a hard time coming up with anything and it finds her talking to the ‘ghost’ of the house on a consistent basis. With the days that pass, she gets more comfortable with her one-sided conversations until things change and the ghost finally answers. For a first issue, this book is definitely interesting and the title is a winner, hearkening back to those old gothic novels and Italian Giallo movies. That being said, it reads exceptionally fast, almost as if the book were ten pages instead of twenty or more and while that is sometimes a good thing, it would have been nice to see a little more here. The cast is exceptionally small which is fine for now that the ghost has been introduced, sort of, it should make for some great interactions moving forward. What remains to be seen is if this turns into a Ghost and Mrs. Muir situation or if Young goes the horror route and things get much darker than they are. So far, it seems as if it will be more of the former and it should make for a fun book but knowing exactly where it is going is a question still to be answered. Corona provides some exceptional artwork and the book looks as good as it reads, so while there may not have been a lot present in this first issue, this creative team have proven themselves so that sticking around is not a question and there is enough to colour readers intrigued with the best likely to come.

Worth It? – Yes

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