Issue by Issue – Black Knight Vol.3 #2

Writer – Frank Tieri
Artist – Luca Pizzari, Kev Walker
Colours – Antonio Fabela
Letters – Joe Sabino

The saga of Weirdworld continues here, or at least in Dane Whitman’s little corner of it and it finds him with a problem, one embodied by the Uncanny Avengers. Ever since Dane arrived, he knew that at some point in time they would track him down and he has been preparing for it ever since. The why of it was unknown, but Frank Tieri reveals it to readers here and it is something that the Avengers and Dane himself had always feared, that the curse of the Ebony Sword would start to exert its influence over him and that the unforgivable would happen one day. Such as it is, the battle between the Black Knight’s forces and the Avengers is a fierce one and when all is said and done and it looks as if the Avengers have won, they realize that the battle was just beginning as Dane was just softening them up for the real showdown. Being only the second issue of the book, many questions still need to be answered, the main one being if the sword is becoming uncontrollable, how has Dane managed to remain in control of it in Weirdworld? Dane Whitman has always been a very interesting character, a hero akin to Hawkeye in that he has no powers and relies upon his skill with a weapon. He has been a leader of the Avengers, Euroforce and of Ultraforce and there are not too many people that can say they led up three different super-teams. So after essentially disappearing from the Marvel Universe for the longest time, Dane now has a title all his own again and so far, it has been quite exciting with Weirdworld finally being the perfect setting for the character and it is one where he fits in seamlessly, making one wonder should the Avengers be defeated, what happens next? Will he return to Earth, travel between worlds or simply remain where he is? With his sword’s influence growing all the time, it remains to be seen if Dane will even survive it, but with Tieri at the helm and some solid pencils from Luca Pizzari and Kev Walker, it should be a lot of fun finding out.

3.5 out of 5

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