Issue by Issue – Black Knight Vol.3 #1

Writer – Frank Tieri
Artist – Luca Pizzari
Colours – Antonio Fabela
Letters – Joe Sabino

One of the newest books to spin out of Secret Wars and a most unexpected one at that is Black Knight, the alter-ego of the man known as Dane Whitman, former leader of the Avengers and wielder of the Ebony Blade. Written by Frank Tieri, we find our hero trapped on Weirdworld, now the leader of his own little fiefdom called New Avalon. It has been a long time since the Black Knight has had a title or anything to really call his own, making this not only a surprise but a welcome one at that. Being on Weirdworld, there is always a battle waiting to happen and it seems like that is all that Dane has been doing of late, though it also helps him to prepare for the day when the Outsiders will appear. There is also a problem though, and that has to do with the Ebony Blade. It is a cursed object and always has been and despite this current incarnation of the man being a hero, the blade wants what it wants. Before him, all of Dane’s ancestors have fallen prey to it and now, it seems as if Dane might be on that same path as well. This issue sees our hero get a little bit of a costume redesign though nothing too drastic. He is still the same man readers have come to know and love throughout the years. Luca Pizzari’s artwork is appropriately moody for the setting, being somewhat of a cross between John Buscema and Gene Colan. The writing is solid and Tieri does a great job of setting the book up for what is to come, adding a good dose of action and mystery to keep one coming back for more. The cliff-hanger is a bit of an unexpected one, especially given that the book has just started and it should be interesting to see where it all leads. Of course with the more recent Weirdworld series ending, there are many questions that arise and it remains to be seen if any of them will be addressed here, though it should also be quite a lot of fun to see just who it is Dane Whitman runs into on this world and who, out of Marvel’s large catalogue of characters, they decide to dust off. A good start for an underutilized character by all involved.

3.5 out of 5

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