Four Colour Thoughts – Groo Meets Tarzan #1

The Creators – Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier – Writers, Sergio Aragonés and Thomas Yeates – Artists, Tom Luth – Colours, Stan Sakai and Adam Pruett – Letters

The Players – Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, Groo, Rufferto, Tarzan

The Story – Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier are at the 2021 Comicon where Sergio expresses his desire to create a Tarzan story of his own. Elsewhere, Groo is looking for cheese dip while Tarzan is looking to stop some slavers with their paths getting ever closer to crossing.

The Take – If there is one thing that can be guaranteed when picking up a comic by Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, it is a good time and then when one factors in the incredible pencils by Thomas Yeates who has been bringing Tarzan to life the last number of years, it puts it over the top. While this crossover seems utterly ridiculous in theory, this first issue proves that it could work, at least so far as the two characters have yet to actually meet. The change in artistic styles throughout surprisingly works and while the two artists – Aragonés and Yeates, could not be farther apart when it comes to putting pen to page, it looks great with there always being something to pour over when reading this book. As for the story, Aragonés and Evanier inject themselves into the story in a humorous manner while also telling two other tales simultaneously with the titular characters of the piece. The story involving Groo is what one would expect, the hero causing trouble and panic wherever he goes while his trusty dog Rufferto’s running commentary makes Groo’s antics funnier than they would have been otherwise. As for Tarzan, he is on the hunt for some slavers who have been taking people against their will, though it seems to be easier said than done as the trail leads Tarzan to Pal-ul-don. When and if the two main players ever come into contact with each other should make for some spectacular scenes, though one does have to wonder if Groo would be able to stop said slavers or would the chaos he brings with his presence allow them to get away? Whatever the case, it should all be a lot of fun and given the creators of this book, there is no doubt about it whatsoever. Definitely worth a pick-up.

Worth It? – Yes.

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