Issue by Issue – Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #1

Writer – Fabian Nicieza
Artist – Christian Gorney
Inker – Michael Halbleib
Colours – Marie Javins
Letters – Richard Starkings

At one point in time, the Two-Gun Kid ended up in the future, teaming with the Avengers before finally finding himself back where he belonged. Be that as it may, the man would still retain his memories, of what he saw and experienced with one thing remaining at the forefront of his mind day after day, year after year – that being the time of his death. Author Fabian Nicieza picks up the threads of this story to tell what seems to be the last tale of the Two-Gun Kid as he faces his mortality which is fast approaching. It all begins as Matt Hawk, the alter-ego of the Two-Gun Kid decides to kill off his civilian identity while freeing a man named Fournier from jail, knowing that he is innocent and he has to right this wrong. Soon Fournier spins a story of him being a Canadian spy, of some golden minks and a scroll, of the Prime Minister of Canada and other governments all of which leads to both Fournier and the Two-Gun Kid now being hunted down. There is a lot going on in this first of two oversized issues, Nicieza spinning an intriguing story but one that is hampered by the artwork which does not live up to the ambitious nature of the happenings in the book and more than anything the colouring which is more garish than anything else. It does not make it a hard read but one has to wonder just how it would have played out with a top-notch creative team at the helm, how much richer the story would have become and how much more enjoyable it all would have been had it been able to shine instead of looking as it did. That being said, it was not especially terrible despite not being especially good, Nicieza’s efforts bolstering it all as well as the imaginations of the readers. Good to see was the Two-Gun Kid at least trying to avert what is quite possibly a fate set in stone and there were some very exciting scenes where he would break out a bit of the future to aid him in his goal, namely a couple of submachine guns and a bazooka. Suffice it to say, there is enough present to warrant continuing on and finding out just what is in store for the hero, if he saves the day one more time and if he can save himself.

3 out of 5

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