Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #23

Writer – Jack Abel
Artist – José Delbo

Once again the companions are on the hunt for food and whatever other items they might make use of when once again, Sharmaine is captured by another tribe. It is not long before Mindor and Samson track their friend down, those who took her not wishing her harm, in fact wanting the opposite and needing her to take over for their ailing leader. It seems strange to the companions but they soon discover that the reason for it all is that the entirety of these people happen to be blind, unable to see except for their leader who alone has the gift of sight. Their story is soon learned, that they have a unique ability to sense canned goods, which seems quite strange, and of how they are tormented by a rival tribe who steal their food and supplies on a consistent basis. Sharmaine hears the desperation around her and she not only finds it tragic but it makes her want to help in any way possible as well as show Samson that she does not need to be rescued all of the time, that she can stand on her own two feet as well as any man. Jack Abel finally gives Sharmaine a moment in the sun, the woman not having had the spotlight as of yet and it is good to see her come into her own and to not only be that damsel in distress that has been seen in nearly every issue up until this point. Binder finally gives her a voice and while she still needs a bit of a hand in this story, she shows readers just what she is capable of when given a chance. Coming on board this issue as the new resident artist is José Delbo who has a much cleaner style than the previous pencilers who made their mark on the book. While the grittier styles of Thorne and Sparling seemed made for this post-apocalyptic tale, it is refreshing to see something a little different, to see another man make his mark on Samson and this world he lives in. As for the rest of the story, the rival tribe tries to steal some supplies again, Samson manages to put a stop to them and then ends up teaming with them in order to fend off an invisible monster. At the end of the day, the two tribes realize that working together and sharing their various skills makes them stronger. A fun tale through and through that finds a lot going on, with Samson managing to get a new vest in the process.

4 out of 5

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