Issue by Issue – Weirdworld Vol.2 #5

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Mike Del Mundo
Colours – Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso
Letters – Cory Petit

Becca and Goleta find themselves in front of Jennifer Kale, the Swamp Queen of Weirdworld and all-around freedom-fighter. Jennifer wants to know why the two heroes will not join up with her and fight to rid Weirdworld of Morgan Le Fay, to which they reply they are on a quest. While Jennifer assesses the two who stand before her and just how it is that this quest is more important than dealing with her own problem, the Lava Men attack and it is as unexpected as anything else that happens in Weirdworld. When one thinks of the fantastic, one cannot help but think of this very book as illustrated by Mike Del Mundo. The fearsomeness of the Lava Men, the dragons, wizards and Man-Things and so much more fill up every page of this book that sometimes one has to read it a few times over just to catch everything. Of course, while pouring over Del Mundo’s artwork is one of the better things to do with the book, a person cannot help but love the story by Sam Humphries as well. In Becca he has created an unassuming heroine, one who wants nothing more than to go home, but also one who is in awe of where she is and a part of her enjoys it as it takes her mind off of the death of her mom. Goleta brings the funny to the book and while she is normally quite humourous on her own, her interactions with Ogeode are even funnier. It is the combination of action and comedy that keeps this book moving along at the pace it does, keeping the interest of the readers at a high throughout its length and making for one of Marvel’s most interesting and exciting titles. By the end of the issue, the confrontation that Becca has been avoiding finally rears its head as she faces Morgan Le Fay and how it all plays out should be one for the ages, if they battle at all. Coming back to see how it all plays out is not an option, but an inevitability.

4 out of 5

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