Issue by Issue – Weirdworld Vol.2 #3

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Mike Del Mundo
Colours – Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso
Letters – Cory Petit

When the book opens, the companions have gone to see The Grand Mechanic in the hopes of obtaining an emerald fuel injector. For one, it would fix Goleta’s car, help out Ogeode in getting his body back and in the long run, get Becca back home to Earth. If only it were that easy. Everything seems to be conspiring against Becca including writer Sam Humphries and artist Mike Del Mundo and as a reader, you would not have it any other way. Humphries packs the book full of everything that you have grown to love in this series including Moltar and his Lava Men, Morgan Le Fey, Ogeode and his crazy ramblings, Goleta – who just so happens to be one of the best new supporting characters out of any Marvel title and a wonderful new heroine in Becca. For the past couple of issues and the series previous to this one, not to mention all of her history, Morgan Le Fey has seemed like a woman without any moral compunction about doing harm or causing trouble. Yet something is up with the villainess because she is shown to have an almost tender side in this issue and she seems to be tiring of all the scheming and whatnot that usually runs like fire through her blood. Be that as it may, it does not stop her from trying her very best to steal the Wuxian Seed from Becca. Once again, Del Mundo provides some of the most stellar artwork to ever grace the four-coloured medium and it is like literal candy for the eyes. With Moltar and Ogeode in the book, you have to wonder when some of the other Crystal Warriors are going to make an appearance, perhaps Crystar himself or even Moltar’s maker, Zardeth. At the moment, the book is the perfect combination of story and art and it is not only exciting to read, but funny too. It is a shame that the book would not last longer than it did, at this point the title counting down to its last issue which many who were reading it at the time of release could not know but it makes every issue all the sweeter for being as good as they are.

4 out of 5

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