Four Colour Thoughts – The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1

The Creators – Rob Liefeld – Story & Art, David Gallaher – Writer, Jack Morelli – Letters

The Players – The Shield (William Higgins), The Mighty Crusaders (Flygirl, Captain Commando, Jaguar, Black Hood, Comet, Fox, Lancelot Strong, The Shield [Victoria Adams]) The Shield (Joe Higgins)

The Story – Joe Higgins – The Shield, fights some nameless bad guys while The Mighty Crusaders take a vote on old-man Shield William Higgins.

The Take – As a whole, the book looks good thanks to Rob Liefeld and it reads well thanks to David Gallaher but there is very little story present for readers to grab ahold of making it somewhat of a disappointment. There are elements introduced, such as a future version of The Shield, or perhaps a past one, The Mighty Crusaders who do little with their appearance and yet another man who bears the name of the book named Joe Higgins who explains to readers just who he is and what he happens to be made of. It is exciting for the most part and it makes readers want more which, when it is all said and done, is the worst part about it all as this is just a one-shot with no resolution in sight, though what that resolution might be is unknown as again, there are few straws to grab ahold of. One has to wonder what the original script would have been had Liefeld stayed on board to see it through, perhaps his idea had some sort of closure that would have satisfied readers or it would have tied together the older Higgins with the younger, though there is one scene towards the end that might have done just that except it is simply an inference from the reader as part of it takes place off-page. What Archie Comics needs to do in this particular case is finish the story, whether through another one-shot or a miniseries and not leave those readers who decided to pick this book up, teasing them and leaving them hanging for all time, especially given that last page and the cliff-hanger it revealed. Altogether, Liefeld does a great job with his pencils but it is simply not enough to warrant a purchase unless one buys books for the artwork alone.

Worth It? – Yes and no.

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