Issue by Issue – Weirdworld Vol.2 #2

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Mike Del Mundo
Colours – Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso
Letters – Cory Petit

Becoming a squire to a wizard-slayer was not something Becca ever dreamed for herself, had never even considered in the entirety of her life or thought was real. Now Becca is on Weirdworld, doing that very thing instead of spreading her mother’s ashes back on Earth and all she can think about besides wanting to get home is how annoyed she is the Goleta, the wizard-slayer in question, and the whole situation. While she may not realize it at the moment, Becca will soon have to deal with Morgan Le Fey who wants the Wuxian Seed as well as her army of Lava Men. At the moment, Marvel has a ton of great artists bringing a ton of different styles to their various books, but none can really do what Mike Del Mundo does here and that is make the fantastical come to life so vividly that it fills you with excitement the second you see the cover of the book. It is not just for the fact that you might get to see all sorts of Marvel characters from ages past either, but seeing what the man comes up with such as the design for Goleta or the way he draws the flora and fauna – everything demands to be examined on the page and the book takes a while to read simply for that very fact. That does not mean that Sam Humphries is a slouch either, for he has started the book off on a story that not only picks up on the threads that Jason Aaron started in the first volume but takes things in a new direction with a new character in Becca and a surprise return from Ogeode who was thought to have been slain in the first issue and now sends Becca and Goleta on a quest. So far there has been a lot of weird and wonderful things seen in this new series and especially with this issue, with the promise of more. Moltar seems keen to get into battle while Morgan does not and one knows the army of Man-Things are going to be paraded out at some point and it can only be a matter of time before Skull and Arkon and more come out of the woodwork once again. More than any other, this is Marvel’s most inventive book at the moment and the one that readers will arguably, hunger for the most between each and every issue.

4.5 out of 5

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