Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #21

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

This issue was a reprint of Mighty Samson #7 with the only new material being a Lost Civilizations article on Atlantis.

The write-up of that issue which was posted some time ago can be found below:

Something strange is happening in N’Yark and it all begins when the department store that Samson, Sharmaine and Mindor have discovered starts to shake like there is no tomorrow and sinks below the earth before they can escape. It is here that Otto Binder and Frank Thorne once again expand this post-apocalyptic world with the introduction of the Undermen, a race of beings who live beneath the city and who believe the Uppermen, those represented by the companions, to be evil. A battle ensues of course but thanks to Sharmaine and her handy flashlight, they are beaten back and a flight to the surface takes place. Along the way, they also manage to encounter a gigantic creature that Samson manages to fend off, one that burrows its way through the underground as if it were made of butter. Binder does not simply leave it there though as more and more buildings throughout N’Yark continue to sink into the underground. It is decided that Samson and his friends will head back down in order to stop what is happening, whether it be the Undermen or something else. A further confrontation with those that live underground soon takes place, it really being inevitable but a threat that rears its head means the two sides must flee or face it together and with Mindor’s help, it is destroyed and the Undermen realize that the Uppermen are not so bad. As the two sides come together, they come to the understanding that it is the mole monsters that are destroying what lies above and below N’Yark and it is only by working together that they will solve this problem that plagues them. Frank Thorne does some great work on this issue, the man’s pencils continuing to improve with each book and the action flows smoothly from page to page. Binder too does a good job, his story both fantastical and packed with science-fiction insanity. All of it equals a great package and the story ends with Samson and the rest of his friends, old and new, winning the day thanks to a nuclear bomb of all things. This was a wild and crazy story much like those that preceded it and ultimately, one that was thoroughly entertaining.

4 out of 5

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