Four Colour Thoughts – Black Hammer Reborn #1

The Creators – Jeff Lemire – Writer, Caitlin Yarsky – Artist, Dave Stewart – Colours, Nate Piekos – Letters

The Players – Lucy Weber (Black Hammer)

The Story – Twenty years after the events of the first series where Lucy helped to rescue the missing heroes who ‘died’ fighting Anti-God, she is no longer the hero Black Hammer, something having happened to make her give it up for a life of averageness.

The Take – Jeff Lemire and new series artist Caitlin Yarsky continue the story of Black Hammer in the near-present and it finds Lucy living a life much like everyone else’s. That is not necessarily a bad thing but considering the life she used to lead and how much she obviously misses it, something truly awful must have happened to make her give it up and refuse to ever do so again. Lemire barely touches upon that past incident though it is hinted at and there are those around her that question her as to why she does not put the mantle back on. A new peacekeeping task force has arrived to take the place of all the heroes that have seemingly dried up over the years which one can see Black Hammer at some point coming into conflict with, not to mention a returning threat, quite possibly the one that made Lucy give up being the hero she was meant to be. Yarsky’s artwork is clean, slick and quite vibrant making it a pure joy to look at upon the page and it is a perfect fit for the title as it makes its way back into the world and into the hands of readers everywhere. As for Lemire, he does a great job at re-introducing readers to this world, making it just as accessible for new ones as he does those who have been reading long0time and he also manages to weave a spell great enough to make everyone continue coming back for more. One could say that very little happens in this issue when in fact, there is quite a bit and as an introductory issue, it might not be packed full of action and all that comes with it but it does set things up for that action which is soon to follow. This was a solid start to a proven commodity that is sure to get better as it goes along.

Worth It? – Yes.

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