Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #20

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

The streets of N’Yark have been flooded and yet for some reason, the waters refuse to recede. Soon the reason for such is revealed and it comes to light after the flotilla that Samson has assembled into an ark is destroyed and sucked down beneath the waters. It seems that in this future time, the mutations that have affected the creatures of the Earth have also made their mark upon mankind as evidenced by the mermen that Samson now faces. Reporting back to Mindor and Sharmaine about what he has witnessed, it is not long before one of the mermen makes contact, one King Nephtoon by name who is looking to make N’Yark home to all those who live in the oceans, a King who is eager to expand his domain. That of course does not sit well with Samson and his friends who immediately know they are going to have a fight on their hands of some sort, though unlike any they have had before. Otto Binder rights an exceptionally fun tale and Jack Sparling does his usual best to bring it to life in what is to be his last issue on the book. As such, the man designs some very interesting creatures like the Gorilla-fish and the giant water strider called a Sea Skater among them, all the while packing the book full of action as Samson uses his exceptional strength to overcome each and every obstacle. Good to see is another foe for Samson to face off against, though when all is said and done, Nephtoon is defeated, his tail between his legs so to speak thus making readers wonder if he will ever be seen again. It is hopeful that he does make at least one return, though just how or why would be a challenge for another reason for Samson to be underwater would have to be devised. After reading this two-part story, one also has to wonder what happened to all the creatures and critters during this period? Did they end up hiding inside skyscrapers as well? Altogether a fun tale, one that definitely tested the limits of Samson’s capabilities in more ways than one both physically and mentally which made for some very good reading.

3.5 out of 5

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