Four Colour Thoughts – Seven Swords #1

The Creators – Evan Daughtery – Writer, Riccardo Latina – Artist, Valentina Bianconi – Colours, Dave Sharpe – Letters

The Players – D’Artagnan, Sister Catalina, Cardinal Richelieu

The Story – The Musketeers are all dead and D’Artagnan is out for revenge.

The Take – Every so often, it is good to see a new take on a classic property and this go-round the spotlight falls upon Alexandre Dumas and his Musketeers of which D’Artagnan is the last one alive. How he survived has not been revealed as yet but it is sure to get there as he begins his quest to take down the evil Cardinal Richelieu, the man responsible for the murder of his friends and comrades. Written by Evan Daughtery, the man wastes no time before getting into the thick of the action and it definitely starts the book outright, gaining the attention of the reader immediately before settling down a bit to figure out how D’Artagnan is going to continue on. There is a mystery throughout as Daughtery has yet to reveal certain aspects of his story, such as why the book is called Seven Swords, though one can probably guess and just how it is these swords, if they are literal swords and do not simply refer to the men D’Artagnan recruits, come into play and what they mean. Meeting the former captain of the Musketeers, a hint is provided as Cardinal Richelieu is after one such sword, possibly mystical in origin which is a nice twist as Dumas’ work did not feature anything that could be called magical in the slightest aside from perhaps the bond felt between Musketeers. The Captain is not long for this world though which simply adds another to the list for D’Artagnan to avenge and the book is left off with the man looking to recruit those to his cause as well as Richelieu speaking to a group of men who may or may not be devil worshippers or at the very least, are a part of some secret society. There are definitely not a lot of answers given but factoring in what is present, there is surely enough to make readers come back for another dose of this new Aftershock title. To make things even better is the very sharp artwork from Riccardo Latina which is simply beautiful to look at and pour over and altogether makes for a first issue of a new comic book that should not be passed over.

Worth It? – Yes.

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