Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #27

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Todd McFarlane
Inker – Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – David Cody Weiss

In an issue that is more character-focused than the usual story, Roy Thomas and Todd McFarlane put the spotlight on Fury who has been having a hard time of it lately. Coming out of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Lyta has had little sleep and her actions have bordered on reckless, though it could be chalked up to the stress that has come with it all and more specifically with the loss of her parents, who thanks to that aforementioned event, have been erased from history. While most have forgotten them, not remembering that they even existed, Lyta does remember and it pains her to the depths of her soul so that even those times where she is able to shut her eyes, all she dreams of are them and though on one level those thoughts make her happy, they are also destroying her. While this title has had some good and bad, some highs and lows when it came to the stories presented within, Thomas does an excellent job with this particular tale, looking at Fury in the present before giving readers a peek at her in the past along with a few of the other young team members including her husband Hector Hall, otherwise known as the Silver Scarab. That which takes place in the present is a little sad due to what she is going through while looking back at her past is both fun and funny at times as young Lyta looks to impress those who will soon be her teammates. There is a good balance of both the serious and lighthearted throughout and as the book comes to an end, there is a big shocker that brings up all sorts of emotions like sadness and hope and yet most of all, it ends up being a breach of trust, a betrayal of quite possibly the highest order when it comes down to the bare bones of it. Readers are left wondering if this will simply be the end of the subject or if there will be more to it, will there be repercussions down the line? On top of all of this, the team has returned with Yolanda safe and Mr. Bones in custody, a bit of a happy ending for a group of heroes that have not seen too many of those of late.

4 out of 5

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