Worlds Collide – Chapter Eight: Team X/Team 7

The Cast: Team X (Logan, Victor Creed, David North, John Wraith), Team 7 (John Lynch, Michael Cray, Jackson Dane, Cole Cash, Philip Chang), Mystique, Miles Craven, Omega Red

The Catalyst: There is a lab creating super-soldiers by a foreign power and everyone knows that weaponized super-soldiers are not a good thing in the hands of hostile countries.

The Convergence: Team X has been sent in to destroy the lab and everything that resides within it. Team 7 has been sent to do the same and with two special ops teams inside of the same building with the same mission, there is every chance that they would come into contact with each other.

The Critique: Written by Larry Hama with some very effective and action-packed artwork by Steve Epting, this crossover featuring Wildstorm’s Team 7 and Marvel’s Team X turns out to be fairly diverting and somewhat enjoyable. For whatever reason, the book was missing the ‘oomph’ needed to really make it as good as it should have been. A little bit of Hama’s dialogue seemed more matter-of-fact rather than what one would call natural conversation but once it got going, that would fall to the wayside and turn out to be an engrossing experience. The dynamics between various team members was a lot of fun to watch, the Team X members more so as they were most likely the players that Hama was more familiar with, yet it was good to see Team 7 in action as they have a potentially rich history given who was on the team and their importance to the Wildstorm Universe. Omega Red was a perfect choice to be the big bad of the series, though one could easily see Miles Craven being in contention, the man almost eager in a way to write off the team who works for him. There were not a lot of powers on display in this tale which was good to see, this tale effectively taking place in the past before all of these characters would become who they are today, though Hama does have a bit of fun with the healing factors of Logan and Creed. If there is one thing that this story proved, it was that another few tales featuring these characters teaming up would have been a good thing. For what it was, this was an interesting exercise in crossing over two properties that people were not overly familiar with unless they happened to realize that Wolverine was in the book. It checked a lot of boxes with Hama and Epting doing a great job for the most part, as previously stated, it was missing that extra punch to really make it stand out, a story very nearly forgettable soon after reading it.

The Credits: Larry Hama – Writer, Steve Epting – Artist, Klaus Janson – Inker, Steve Buccellato & Team Bucce – Colours, Richard Starkings & Comicraft – Letters

Companies Involved: Marvel Comics, Image Comics

Chronology: November 1996

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