Four Colour Thoughts – The Nice House On the Lake #1

The Creators – James Tynion IV – Writer, Álvaro Martínez Bueno – Artist, Jordie Bellaire – Colours, Andworld Design – Letters

The Players – Ryan, Walter

The Story – There is talking about the end of the world and there is experiencing it first hand. This is a story about one leading to the next.

The Take – James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martínez Bueno present a new, almost post-apocalyptic horror and when saying almost, it means it has not quite happened as of yet. It all begins with a woman named Ryan looking a little worse for wear, telling readers about her recent past, about a man named Walter she met in a bar and how they began talking about the end of the world. She thought it was simply a pickup line, something kind of cute in a way, that just pertained to them that would lead to occasional dates. That would cease for two years until out of the blue she would get a random invitation to a lake house with a bunch of other people and once there, meet up with the man once again. That happens but so does numerous news reports of the world burning down around them as people’s flesh melts off of their bodies and it is then that she realizes and to which Walter admits, he and his people have orchestrated what was once a strange, flirty piece of dialogue into a reality. At first, readers will be wondering where the horror is in all of this and going into this knowing that it is a horror book, they know it has to be coming. Given that there is talk of the end of the world should give a big clue as to what that horror is and yet when it is revealed by the creators of this book, it is still kind of shocking to see and it is then left on a cliff-hanger, making those who picked up this book immediately want more. Tynion IV does a great job at building up this little world, of introducing the main players and those who surround them and the setting of the book which just so happens to be its title as well. Each person is given a nickname as well, like The Artist or The Scientist, almost as if these represent stations they will have to inhabit once the dust settles and what remains is revealed. As for Walter, he is the biggest mystery at the moment and one has to think he is an alien of some sort as it is the only logical explanation, though demon or devil could also be just as plausible. The artwork by Bueno is perfectly suited for the book, clean and crisp with a bit of an edge to it, the man able to mix the every day and the horrific into something readers will love to pour-over. Altogether, it makes for a strong start to this new DC Black Label title, one that was unexpected but a pleasant surprise.

Worth It? – Yes

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