Four Colour Thoughts – Heroes Reborn #4 (2021)

The Creators – Jason Aaron – Writer, James Stokoe and Ed McGuinness – Artists, Mark Morales – Inker, Matthew Wilson – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Doctor Spectrum, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Starbrand, The Watcher

The Story – Doctor Spectrum is a one-man army, protecting the Earth and the universe from cosmic threats big and small.

The Take – Much like the last two issues, this book focuses upon yet another member of the Squadron Supreme of America, in this instance it being Doctor Spectrum and Jason Aaron brings along James Stokoe to tell the tale. While Aaron does a good job of it, Stokoe is the star of this book as his incredibly detailed and his distinctly non-Marvel-like pencils make this book stand out from the pack. If there is a cosmic book available for the taking at some point in the near future, it is Stokoe who should be upon it as the man does an incredible job. As for the story itself, it takes a look at the aforementioned Doctor Spectrum as he faces off against the threat of Rocket Raccoon and his Groot gun, the latter hired to take out the former for sticking his nose into the universe’s business too many times as a self-appointed police force. There is a good bit of humour and a lot of action taking place, though little that actually moves the overall story of a changed universe forward. There are a couple of bits that are revealing, such as the Star Brand knowing that things are not right, the mention of Blur saying that he too realizes that things are not as they should be and a final page to the main tale that speaks volumes as to what possibly made this universe as it is. That last page alone makes readers eager to see where the book goes from here for if it is true, it adds on even more mystery as to how the big bad behind it all managed to accomplish this feat. Also, like the previous issues, the book focuses too much upon giving readers an origin story instead of concentrating on the mystery first introduced and also much like those previous issues this turned out to be a well-executed, fun and exciting book, despite that failure. It is a conundrum of an event book to be sure but one has to trust that Aaron and company know what they are doing and that everything will work itself out later.

Worth It? – Yes

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