One and Done – Witch Hunter #1

Laurie Sutton – Writer
Joyce Chin – Artist
Barb Kaalberg and Maria Beccari – Inkers
Shannon Blanchard – Colours
Vickie Williams – Letters

From Malibu Comics, the Ultraverse and a creative team made up completely of women comes Witch Hunter, a book that seems to take its cue from the Talamasca, Anne Rice’s secret society that investigates supernatural phenomena. In this comic, there is a group called the Seventh Sign, similar to that which Rice created and working for them is a woman called the Witch Hunter who does just as her name implies. Laurie Sutton and Joyce Chin chronicle the adventure within that finds Witch Hunter looking for a missing member of the society that she belongs to and she soon discovers that he is to be sacrificed during the full moon at midnight by a coven of vampires. To be fair, the story is nothing that has not been seen before though it does not impede it from being somewhat entertaining. The best part of the book being the origin story of its lead character, of how she came to be as she is and how years later, she now works for Seventh Sign. There is some good action within and the star of the show is the artwork by Chin, some of it a little exaggerated given the decade in which the book was produced but much of it very detailed and looking quite exceptional at times. Being a single issue, with no other stories ever being produced starring the character or the concepts introduced, the creators manage to pack a lot into this single issue. There is front and back matter on the world she lives in, on the group she belongs to and throughout the issue, there is enough woven into the fabric of the story that proves there were larger plans ahead for the character. While the cover of the book might have promoted this as ‘Comics’ Hottest Character,’ it would never manifest further than this, more than likely as the entire line folded soon after, never to be heard from again. It would have been nice to see just where Sutton and company intended to go with Witch Hunter, if she had a nemesis, if she would ever discover the reason she ended up being a target all those years previous and just where it is her sister disappeared to. There were some definite plotlines left unfulfilled but at the end of the day, the story managed to wrap up what it had set out to do, leaving readers both satisfied and wanting more.

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  1. I had to check my database to see if I had it or not….I was “Wow! That doesn’t seem familiar AT ALL…. did I get that comic?”

    Yep. Bought & read this in 1996… had ZERO memory of it today, even after reading your post. Didn’t leave any impression on me whatsoever 😦

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