Four Colour Thoughts – Heroes Reborn #3 (2021)

The Creators – Jason Aaron – Writer, Frederico Vinentini and Ed McGuinness – Artists, Mark Morales – Inker, Matt Milla and Matthew Wilson – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Blur, Silver Witch, Blade, Captain America, Echo/Pheonix

The Story – Blur takes the spotlight and readers get to see how the fastest man alive survives on a daily basis.

The Take – Jason Aaron knows how to write a good story and this issue of Heroes Reborn is no different. All of the focus is upon Blur, the speedster of the Squadron Supreme of America and it follows him from doing his daily routines to those moments that he has to spend in costume fighting various villains. His origin is explained and Aaron is sure to show all the quirks and foibles that make up the hero as the tale progresses. There is some good action present as he battles the Silver Witch and she too realizes that there is something wrong with this reality, something that is not quite as it should be which is Aaron planting the seeds for what is to come. The last chapter of the book once again has Blade and Captain America at the forefront as they approach Echo, the new Pheonix, for her help in doing what they need to do. All of it made for great entertainment, the writing spot on and the artwork by Frederico Vinentini and Ed McGuinness what one would expect – excellent stuff. The main problem with this issue is that it did not really progress the story in any significant way, essentially just spinning its wheels while doing nothing of note. Blur is great and here readers get to know him inside and out which is a good thing as he most likely will end up being a player in the game going forward. More than likely, as the last issue featured Hyperion, future issues are going to focus on other members of the Squadron Supreme which is also fine but if the story fails to move forward much like this one, this series is not going to end up being as big an event or as memorable as Marvel might be hoping for. For all the good that it is and it is a very solid issue, it pretty much grinds the mystery and the momentum set up in the first two issues to a near-halt, a rare misstep for creators of this calibre.

Worth It? – Yes and no.

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