Issue by Issue – Starfire #7

Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Mike Vosburg
Inker – Vince Colletta

Starfire finds herself alone against the Yorg in the tower of the Lightning Lords and by this point, she has had enough. She had come here looking for help and instead of that, she has only found mystery and those who look to impede her mission. At the moment, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against her, Starfire is able to hold off her foes but with Lady Djinn and the magic she commands being as formidable as it is, Starfire knows that she needs help and she needs weapons as soon as possible. As for Lady Djinn, readers learn that she is working in tandem with the Yorg, allies of a sort or at least when it is convenient and she promises to help them deal with the rebel leader so as to rush their exit from the tower sooner rather than later. Steve Englehart weaves a tangled web for each of the women in this book and for one of them, it is going to get exponentially harder to escape it. There is yet another player in the game that both sides keep forgetting about and it is The Keeper, the last computer complex in the world and it means to aid Starfire in her goals so it might escape the yoke of Lady Djinn and perhaps become what it once was or at the very least, put a stop to the degradation that time has fostered upon it. So it is that it transports Starfire’s men to the tower, all but one not surviving the trip and even one is enough to give Starfire a bit of hope. Seeking out Thump, they soon learn a bit of history thanks to The Keeper, that Thump was once one of the Lightning Lords and that it was he who had originally programmed the computer. Yet, with Lady Djinn coming to power, she erased his memory and over the years, the Lightning Lords became the palest of shadows beneath her, losing their knowledge and everything that made them powerful back in times gone by. Now, it all comes down to The Keeper, Starfire, Thump and Moonwatcher to make sure that Lady Djinn and those inside the tower never harm another being again and when it is all said and done, they do just that with The Keeper taking its place in history as well. Englehart writes a great story, one that is fun and exciting and one that is brought to life as only Mike Vosburg and Vince Colletta can do. They manage to not only wrap up the current storyline but end it on a note that makes readers want to come back for more and while the next issue ends up being the last issue, one has to wonder why it did not last with storytelling such as this.

4 out of 5

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