Four Colour Thoughts – Heroes Reborn #2 (2021)

The Creators — Jason Aaron – Writer; Dale Keown, Carlos Magno, Ed McGuinness – Artist; Scott Hanna, Carlos Magno, Mark Morales – Inker; Edgar Delgado Matthew Wilson – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players — Hyperion, Blade, Captain America, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Hulk

The Story — Things have changed and there are no Avengers. Hyperion is the top superhero in America and he takes his job seriously. He does not believe in Captain America, a relic of the past. He should.

The Take — Heroes Reborn continues on and it does so in spectacular fashion featuring Hyperion in the spotlight. Readers are introduced to this new version, a schoolteacher by day and hero every other minute of it and he is not so much a complicated man as he is one that is incredibly sure of himself. Hyperion’s confidence knows no bounds and that comes, in no small part, due to the power he wields. That power is on full display on the second and third page of the book as kills Galactus by flying straight through his head in one of the most shocking images ever put to page. From there it finds the man ruminating about himself and his place in America, of the villains he’s faced and readers will also get to see him take on many of those bad guys as they have just escaped their prison in the Negative Zone. Jason Aaron writes a great character-piece, showing Hyperion to be far more than just a Superman-clone even though he is one and a man that is haunted by a ghost, the ghost of Captain America long-dead or frozen or whatever the case might be, so much so that Hyperion even ends up doing a quick search for the legend. Also in this book which is drawn magnificently by Dale Keown and Carlos Magno along with a back-up by Ed McGuinness, are the fates of a few heroes that were once Avengers including the Incredible Hulk. It is through the Hulk and Hyperion’s musings that one can see the previous reality trying to break through, at least in the form of memory and such and it will be interesting to see just how that manifests going forward and just what the Squadron Supreme of America is going to do about it. As far as events go, even though little has happened in the first two issues of the series, Heroes Reborn is turning out to be quite good and utterly captivating in its execution. Definitely worth checking out.

Worth It? — Yes.

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