Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #15

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

The only person that Samson might call his nemesis – Queen Terra, is back and this time she is trying to take over N’Yark without violence and to do so, she brings back something from the ancient past to help her do it. It is not long of course, before Samson and his friends are made aware of her return and realize just what it is that she is doing and it puts them on the spot as she is causing no trouble and yet she is taking over tribe after tribe with no problems whatsoever. Readers might think it simplistic but on the other hand, it is also quite smart as Terra reintroduces currency to the world in the form of gold coins with her image stamped upon them. Mindor knows that should Terra succeed in what she is doing, then she will effectively control everyone and everything so the only course of action is finding out where she gets the gold she makes the coins from and at that point, shut her down. Otto Binder writes an interesting yet fun-filled tale as Samson and company have to do things a little differently in order to defeat Terra. There are still the same crazy monsters to fight like the Choke-Foam monster, a creature that shoots soap bubbles from its trunk and of course her minions who remain loyal for some reason but it is when Binder gets a little more creative that things usually pick up in the book. With the introduction of money, society can now move forward as Mindor puts it, they can evolve and maybe that is a good thing and perhaps not for the citizens of N’Yark, only time will tell and hopefully, it gets touched upon again in some future issue. As for Terra, she never seems to be truly defeated, simply set back for she always manages to come up with another scheme and once she does, there is always Samson and his friends to foil whatever it might entail. The back and forth is quite funny at this point and one has to wonder why Terra continues to persist when she can purportedly go anywhere in her flying saucer. Why not find another area of the former United States to conquer and once that is done, come back with an army or some such? Whatever the reason that makes her stay, Terra always makes for an interesting villain and one that will most likely show up when least expected.

3.5 out of 5

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