Issue by Issue – Starfire #6

Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Mike Vosburg
Inker – Vince Colletta

Still in the valley of the Lightning Lords, Starfire and Thump are now looked upon with reverence, their coming foretold in legend or some such, enough that it makes Starfire uncomfortable as it recalls the position she was once in with the Mygorg. As the two make their way back into the citadel, they are met by Lady Djinn, a woman who has ruled the citadel in conjunction with the Keeper, the last computer, and she finds these two newcomers curious. The Lady promises to help Starfire and Thump gain the knowledge they need to defeat the Mygorgs and the Yorgs for good but there is something off about her which is why they decide to spend the night outside, all things considered. Steve Englehart picks up right where Elliot S. Maggin left off without missing a beat and not only does he keep the mystery going but Starfire manages to get a new costume to boot, one that is a little more suited to her current occupation as rebel leader and less sex-slave of an alien master. As the new day unfolds, the Keeper and the lady of the tower are either not as forthcoming with the information they need or are purposely giving Starfire the wrong info and it makes her more than a little angry. It is after she storms out that Thump discovers Lady Djinn’s dastardly plans and he is taken out of commission, there obviously being something going on that readers are not yet made privy about as of yet. Soon after, the Yorgs have begun to infiltrate the tower unbeknownst to those who rule it. Englehart has Starfire enter the picture once more, looking for Thump and not finding him but wandering straight into the Yorgs and though Lady Djinn gives her a hand for a bit, she is left to fend for herself as the book leaves off. The current storyline has been a good one, Maggin and now Englehart doing a great job at introducing a bit of mystery accompanied by a little of the past and the origins of what happened after the Mygorg landed, though it is just a little. Seeing more of this would be a good thing as it lends depth to the story and makes it more impactful, making what they are fighting for far more meaningful. With continued great artwork by Mike Vosburg and Vince Colletta, Starfire hits all the right notes.

4 out of 5

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  1. Starfire was a bold move by DC as they already had Wonder-Woman. Both characters were sexy as hell. Not a coincidence that both were inked by the great Vinnie Colletta.

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