Four Colour Thoughts – Heroes Reborn #1 (2021)

The Creators — Jason Aaron – Writer, Ed McGuinness – Artist, Mark Morales – Inker, Matthew Wilson – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players — Blade, Squadron Supreme of America, Doctor Doom, Black Skull, All-Gog, Silver Witch

The Story — Things have changed and there are no Avengers. The only one remaining is Blade and he has no idea what has happened or why. He means to find out.

The Take – For an introductory issue, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness set things up nicely for what is to follow and present a world where the Avengers never became the Avengers. As for how everything is the way it is, that is the mystery that will most likely perpetuate for most of the series until it is time for it all to be revealed. For now, the only man to remember how it all used to be is Blade and he has combed the world for any sign of any Avenger that might know what is going on. So far he has failed but he believes that it can all be traced back to Captain America and how he was never thawed out of the ice those many years ago, thus creating the world as he now sees it. Ghost Rider has no car, Jennifer Walters is just an attorney while Tony Stark is still an arms dealer. Carol Danvers is a pilot with a spotty record, Dr. Strange is nowhere to be found and Thor is a drunk without a hammer. There are still supervillains though, like Doctor Doom for one, and there are heroes – namely the Squadron Supreme who protect the Earth from any and all threats. For thsoe who are fans of the Squadron Supreme, they will be happy to see this book on the stands as the team finally gets a chance to shine once again even though this is ultimately a tale about the Avengers. Also good to see is Aaron giving Blade the spotlight which seems strange given the current state of the Marvel Universe but his run on the main Avengers book has been all about featuring those characters who are outside the norm of who people perceive to be Avengers. Another strange facet to this story is the fact that there are no vampires upon the planet, something that is mentioned in passing but a fact that may be important as the book moves forward. As for the Squadron and President Coulson, they are sure to factor into Blade’s quest, more than likely making it a hard one though Nighthawk seems to know the truth somehow, another mystery to be solved at some point. Altogether a fun book, different from the Heroes Reborn event that took place some time ago which is a good thing and a series that looks like it is going to be quite intriguing and most likely quite exciting.

Worth It? — Yes.

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