Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #23

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Todd McFarlane, Mike Harris
Inker – Steve Montana, Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – David Cody Weiss

Roy Thomas and company start things off with another bit featuring the ongoing Crisis that is affecting everything and everyone throughout the DC Universe and it puts the new Wildcat in the spotlight, at least for a hot minute. There are mentions of things that would take place in the main Crisis series, things that do not take place in this book that makes the reader want to track them down to get the full story and after a few pages, Thomas puts Norda front and center. Jade and Brainwave see Northwind trying to fly off against impossible odds, the man trying to get back home to Feithera as he can sense that something is not right, everything within him screaming to get back home. As such, Jade and Brainwave decide to fly him there and along the way, after a bit of an argument between friends, Brainwave and Jade realize that there is an attraction between the two and thus spend the night together which should make for some interesting drama as the series progresses. Continuing on the next day, they finally reach Feithera and all is eerily quiet and abandoned. It is soon discovered that the Feitherans are in the Hall of Music, singing their death song as a giant glacier bears down upon them, its inevitable goal the destruction of their city. There is a lot of discussion and a lot of arguing as to what the Feitherans should do and while that is going on, Jade and Solomon Grundy of all people, team up to try and stop the glacier from toppling the city while Norda and Brainwave do their best to convince the residents to leave their home fo all time. For the most part, this was a really good issue that would give readers a little more insight into Northwind’s people, into Northwind himself along with a bit of a relationship budding between two of his teammates. The Crisis chapter at the beginning of the book was unnecessary and felt shoehorned in, a corporate mandate from on high to at least acknowledge what DC was trying to do at the time and while it was somewhat interesting, it would only make real sense to those who were reading the maxiseries being put out by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. As a whole, the book works but it would have been far better without the first bit.

3.5 out of 5

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