Issue by Issue – Starfire #5

Writer – Elliot S. Maggin
Artist – Mike Vosburg
Inker – Vince Colletta

The fifth issue of Starfire is a story as much about her as it is about Thump, her constant companion and guardian. Together, the two of them along with some of her men have set out to discover the legendary stronghold of the Lightning Lords. Perhaps there, they will find what they need to finally defeat the Mygorg race once and for all or perhaps it will simply be nothing at all but they have to try for they have no other option at this point. Written once more by Elliot S. Maggin, the man does a great job at setting up the premise of the issue and then taking it all to its conclusion and he does so with Starfire and Thump by themselves, the rest of her men cowards – their thoughts being those of common criminals. All seems calm as the two make their way into the valley and yet it is not long before they find themselves under attack and it is by something they have never encountered before. It is overwhelming and while it seems like they might be killed facing the metal monstrosity, they realize that it can be defeated and with a bit of teamwork, they do just that. Be that as it may though, they are captured by the Lightning Lords and soon must not only free themselves but defeat a giant monster while doing so. Maggin writes a fun story with everything that readers want to see, specifically heroes overcoming what seem like impossible obstacles. Starfire might be the star of the book but Thump gets to shine a bit as well in this story and come the end of it all, it is revealed that he has some sort of a secret, not only knowing where the place is and understanding how things work but by being some sort of leader to these Lightning Lords though he does not quite understand or remember that he was. Leaving it off on that mystery is slightly infuriating but it does what it has to do by making readers come back for more in the next issue and it works as Thump is just that interesting a character. One does have to wonder why Starfire does not find better men though but beggars cannot be choosers, especially when it comes to freedom fighting. Another win for the book made better due to the excellent artwork of Mike Vosburg and Vince Colletta who continue to outdo themselves with every outing.

4 out of 5

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