Four Colour Thoughts – The Girls of Dimension 13 #1

The Creators — Graham Nolan – Writer, Bret Blevins – Artist, Gregory Wright – Colours, Carlos M. Mangual – Letters

The Players — Abigail Bell, Cece Windsor, Savannah Chase, Nadira Baily

The Story — Four girls are invited to stay in a mansion for free in New York City for reasons they do not yet understand. It is not long before those reasons are made manifest.

The Take — In the slightest of ways, this book might remind people of Sabrina from Archie Comics, a story about a girl who is also a witch and in this case, as the title implies, there is more than one – four to be exact. While the reader is not expressly told they are witches, each of the girls has some extraordinary power which they all come to discover during the last act of the book after an unfortunate incident between some rowdy guys and two of the girls. As for the house and its owner, it is all very mysterious and Graham Nolan refuses to give anything away just yet though it is quite obvious that the old lady who has gathered them all together is well aware of what they can do. The book is a light, easy read, something that is quite refreshing as it forgoes anything serious or dialogue-heavy. The characters are interesting if slightly clichéd, this particular situation having played out in many a teen drama but Nolan makes it all worth the time and effort as he weaves in a little mystery to it all. Joining him on this journey is Bret Blevins and Gregory Wright, the artwork looking just as clean and simple as the story Nolan lays down. It is good to see Blevins on a book again even if it has nothing to do with the superhero set and he definitely makes the book inviting and eye-catching at times. Though the first issue is somewhat familiar in terms of material, there is enough there that it should appeal to most readers and keep them coming back for more, especially given that last page which was completely unexpected and out of the blue. The only deterrent that might give people pause is the price tag on the book, which is a dollar more than what most companies charge, though one can soon see this being the norm. Overall, this was a fun book that would introduce everything a reader would need to know and sets it all up for the next issue and more.

Worth it? — Yes.

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