Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #13

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

There is a strange light shining in the N’Yark skyline, something that has not been seen in many, many years. Not since N’Yark was New York in fact and while Samson wonders what it is, he does not think that it should be investigated and yet Mindor insists, that knowing is better than not knowing. As it is, the mystery turns out to be a charlatan named Merlyn who is looking to become the ruler of N’Yark and those who reside within and to do so, Mindor discovers he is using ancient science to accomplish the goal. Now that they know him for what he is, Mindor, Samson and Sharmaine cannot let the man pull the wool over the eyes of those who do not know any better. Otto Binder who continues to chronicle the adventures of the Mighty Samson, writes an exceedingly fun tale within this book, as it is not so much Samson who faces off against Merlyn but Mindor, the man and his smarts against an opponent who just may find himself on equal footing. So it is that the two try and outdo one another, one situation after another and Mindor knows exactly how it is that Merlyn is doing his tricks, yet even so, as things wear on, it finally comes down to violence, that which the desperate always resort. Even so, fate has another outcome in mind and Samson and his friends walk away from yet another conflict, unscathed for the most part. Though the title of the book might say Samson, it was good to see Mindor get a bit of the spotlight, more so than any previous issue. Samson did have a part to play of course, doing what Mindor needed to pull off his ‘magic’ and it would lend just a touch of mirth to the proceedings. Jack Sparling provides the artwork for this issue once again and it looks as good as ever, perfectly suited for this post-apocalyptic setting. Also good to see, no matter how little they have to do with the tale, are the fantastic creatures that inhabit this world, always making things just a little bit more difficult than they have to be and yet an integral part of the book. Yet another tale that finds life in N’Yark a challenge and yet one that provides more than it takes.

3.5 out of 5

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