Four Colour Thoughts – Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1

The Creators — Danny Fingeroth, Dan Abnett, Kyle Higgins – Writers; Mike Manley, Andrea Di Vito, Juanan Ramírez – Artists; Le Beau Underwood – Inker; Chris Sotomayer, Sebastian Cheng, Erick Arciniega – Colours; Travis Lanham – Letters

The Players — Darkhawk, Savage Steel

The Story — A young Chris Powell still learning to use his powers takes on the man called Savage Steel before the book jumps forward a bit to the end of the War of Kings where he cleans out a nest of the Brood and finally, readers see him in the present where it looks like he is quite possibly going to his death.

The Take — While Darkhawk has been seen here and there sporadically as a supporting character, the man finally gets his own book, albeit a one-shot, to shine once again. Featuring creative teams from the past, the story flits from one time period to the next and ends with the promise of more – perhaps an ongoing title? It is nice to see Darkhawk on the stands again and it is a lot of fun to read a new story by Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley, the two not having skipped a beat even though so much time has passed since they were first on the book. What might derive a chuckle from the reader is just how old-school it seems to be, especially when compared to the latter two tales in the book and even so, it still remains a great read with a very fun, nostalgic feel to it that will make one yearn for more. The second story is by Dan Abnett who has more than a passing familiarity with the character and it finds Chris needing a bit of a break, something that is completely understandable as he has just come through a literal war. Such as it is though, the man does what he does best and that is being a hero as he saves some people from a Brood infestation. The final story in the lot is the most interesting by far though as it sees Chris Powell helming a ship into what looks to be certain doom. The fact that he sends his crystal away so that it does not get destroyed only solidifies that and yet, one does not actually see him die and there is that promise of more to come. Making it even more intriguing is the fact that he mentions his father who also appeared in the first story and it makes one wonder if the man will somehow play a part in Darkhawk’s ultimate fate. Taken as a whole, this was a fun book and even an exciting one because it gives readers hope that Darkhawk is going to get another chance to show readers what he is all about with a title of his own. Featuring some great artwork in each segment accompanied by those who knew him best and those who might chronicle those new adventures, Heart of the Hawk was both a surprise and a delight.

Worth It? — Yes.

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