Issue by Issue – Starfire #3

Writer – Elliot Maggin
Artist – Mike Vosburg
Inker – Vince Colletta

The third issue of Starfire opens with a giant brute of a man battling a dragon within as the Mygorg look on, a slave much like the rest of humanity, fighting for his life. The man fights ferociously for to not do so will mean his life and even while getting blasted with the dragon’s icy breath, he commits to his current actions. Close by is Starfire who is looking to continue her revolution by attacking the Mygorg gathered in this spot and free those slaves present, including the man who has won his bout with the creature. What happens next is exactly as the reader would expect, Starfire and her men winning the day, the Mygorg being routed and those in captivity now being free, though many do not understand just what freedom is. As for the giant whom she names Thump, he slinks back to his cage, slightly afraid and not understanding what is going on, the cage being a safety net for him. While Starfire and her men both try to coax Thump out of his cage and plan their next move, the Mygorg are not ones to sit by as they are tired of this little human rebellion taking place and they mean to put a stop to it by ambushing Starfire and her army. They plan to do this by using a human tracker to discover where she might be headed and once done, kill every last rebel. Elliot Maggin who writes this story along with returning artists Mike Vosburg and Vince Colletta who do a good job at making it extremely entertaining, each page carrying the reader along on a fantastic peplum/science-fiction adventure. Thump is a great new addition to the cast and it is hopeful that he becomes Starfire’s personal guard or some such, something to keep him within the pages of this book for some time to come. As for Starfire herself and even with a new writer, she continues to come into her own, showing just how clever she is, how smart and how brave, all of it making for a leader that men are willing to follow and if she continues along this path, there is no doubt that she will overcome the Mygorg and send them back to their home planet or to the arms of death.

4 out of 5

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