Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. Annual #1

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris, Todd McFarlane
Inker – Tony DeZuniga, Dick Giordano, Alfredo Alcala, Richard Howell
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Anthony Tollin
Letters – David Cody Weiss

Taking place during Crisis on Infinite Earths and featuring its branding, the first annual of Infinity Inc.’s title actually has nothing to do with it, instead, it is a book that reveals long-standing secrets and brings the truth into the light. As one might guess, it all has to do with Jade and Obsidian, twins by birth and yet so very different, the same only when it comes to their mother and father and the love they have for each other. That father they have always believed to be Green Lantern and while he has continually denied it, it is finally shown to be the truth after a bit of conflict involving The Thorn who has taken over Rose’s body for perhaps the very last time on a permanent basis. While it is a battle that sees the heroes pushed to their limit, The Thorn is finally defeated by the only person that could defeat her, that being herself and more specifically, Rose. After it is all said and done, Roy Thomas has Green Lantern, Jade, Obsidian and Harlequin who made an appearance to help in the fight, have a long talk about everything that has been going on and part of the story that is told comes from Alan Scott while the rest from Halequin who is revealed to be Scott’s long-time secretary, Molly Mayne and a woman who has been in love with him for many, many years. Thomas does a great job with Rose and Thorn’s origin, of tying it into Green Lantern’s past, of those ties to Jade and Obsidian and to Mayne herself. It is shown that Scott is indeed the father to Jade and Obsidian, that their mother is Rose who for a time, was married to Scott under a different identity, the man never realizing or not wanting to realize just who it was that he was in love with. Things would all go awry when The Thorn would reappear, as she always did, derailing the marriage, the children’s lives and more, all of it shown here in great detail by Thomas and his artistic collaborators who would do a good job on the book. The last bit of the book would feature a marriage, Alan Scott finally settling down with another woman after years of being alone, never having gotten over the loss of his first wife and now finally finding a little happiness, the kind he never thought he would experience again. A very solid and enjoyable issue with a lot of story between its pages, one worth every penny.

3.5 out of 5

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