Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #12

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

If Samson can be said to have an archnemesis, it is assuredly Terra of Jerz who returns once again with another plan to conquer N’Yark. It all begins when Samson and his friends are trying to help out another colony of people living on the old Queen Mary, a ship no longer fit to sail but one that can still serve a purpose. As they do so, Terra attacks with a ship of her own and it is one that has a working gun upon it, one that can fire shells far enough to pose a threat to everything it so chooses. It is not long before the Queen Mary is humbled, Samson unconscious and Sharmaine captured as a prisoner, something she is more than familiar with at this point. Otto Binder and Jack Sparling then begin to unveil just how it is that Terra is going to conquer N’Yark as she begins to sail down the coast, bombing everyone and everything into submission. Of course, Samson is not going to let that continue so he and Mindor do their best to follow and while doing so, end up getting nowhere fast, Terra quite possibly having gotten the better of them once and for all. The book is action-packed as Samson tries all manner of things and every time that they get close to stopping Terra, she manages to wiggle out of the way, stopping them dead in their tracks. All of this finally comes down to one last-ditch effort involving a torpedo, which Samson has to throw, the intervention of a sea monster and more than a bit of luck. Readers might guess as to how this will turn out and it does just that which is not a bad thing as it leaves the book open once again for the return of Terra at some point down the road. While the basic story of Samson versus Terra has been done numerous times in the twelve issues that comprise the series up until this point, each outing, despite it being a little repetitive, has been a lot of fun – this issue included. The relationship between Terra and Samson is slightly complicated due to the fact that on one hand she wants to be with him and on the other, to destroy him. What is most surprising is that she does not deal with Sharmaine in a more permanent manner instead of always holding her hostage, thereby dealing with at least one of her enemies. Still, Binder and Sparling continue to make things entertaining which is all that really matters.

3 out of 5

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