Worlds Collide – Chapter Three: Superman/Fantastic Four – The Infinite Destruction

The Cast: Superman, Fantastic Four (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Susan Richards/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Ben Grimm/The Thing), Franklin Richards, Galactus, Cyborg Superman

The Catalyst: A crystal seemingly from Krypton has made its way to Earth which tells Superman that it was Galactus that destroyed Krypton.

The Convergence: Realizing that Galactus could one day head to Earth, Superman seeks out the Fantastic Four to help find him so that they might deal with the problem he creates once and for all. Things start to awry almost from the moment Superman arrives at the Baxter Building though as the communication crystal that he brought carries Cyborg Superman’s code within which allows him to start taking over the Fantastic Four’s systems. Additionally, a strange craft has arrived, capturing the Man of Steel within and transforming him into the next herald of Galactus. From here, things change rapidly as Superman must now do what all heralds do, the FF must now team up with Cyborg Superman in order to find Galactus as quickly as possible and in the process, try and rescue Superman and Reed as well who somehow managed to go along for the ride with the missing hero, all the while trying to make sure that the villains do not do anything villainous and return home safe and sound at the end of the day. It is a tall order and seems like it might be closer to impossible than anything else and yet, nothing is impossible when the Fantastic Four are on the case.

The Critique: Written and drawn by Dan Jurgens with a little help from Art Thibert, this collision between Superman and the Fantastic Four ended up being quite entertaining and a lot of fun. Featuring two signature villains from both properties in Cyborg Superman and Galactus to provide a bit of opposition as well as be the instigating factor in their team-up, the heroes would have their hands full with just one of them alone, nevermind both. The story is interesting for numerous reasons, some of them obvious but one that really stands out is the fact that Galactus has his eye on other universes and if he is able to do so and most likely crossover as it is hinted at here, one has to wonder why he simply does not do just that. As for Cyborg Superman, it is nice to see him interact with other heroes as he is normally only ever seen facing off against Superman which can get a little repetitive. When it comes to the artwork, it does have a bit of a classic feel to it all but it would have been better perhaps to get someone else to finish it as Thibert made it look less Jurgens and more generic. It was not bad by any means but it could have been better than it was. Also refreshing is the fact that the heroes did not fight when meeting up, instead having an immediate respect for each other which was a great move on Jurgens’ part. At the end of the day, the book makes one wish that Marvel and DC could get together more often as the possibilities are really quite endless.

The Credits: Dan Jurgens – Writer/Artist, Art Thibert – Artist/Inker, Greg Wright – Colours, Bill Oakley – Letters, Alex Ross – Cover

Companies Involved: DC Comics, Marvel Comics

Chronology: 1999

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