Issue by Issue – Starfire #1

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Mike Vosburg
Inker – Robert Smith

There is a world called Earth where humanity has been made slaves to a reptilian race called the Mygorg and Starfire has been as such since the day she was born. Her situation is slightly different than most though as her skin colour has set her apart as special and so she was given opportunities that other members of the human race have not. Now on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her purpose in life has been revealed – to be the mate of Sookaroth, leader of the Mygorg. So it is that she tries to escape and it does not exactly go as planned. David Michelinie writes a strong tale, not exactly new in subject matter but a good one nonetheless as he explores the origin of his latest heroine. While she flees, she meets a bit of opposition and into the fray leaps a stranger, dashing and dangerous and he manages to take care of those who would stop her from getting away. Together, the two flee and it is revealed that his name is Dagan and to Starfire, he relates the history of humanity, of how they once were free and now she is too. Starfire of course does not understand what freedom is, never having tasted it and over time, despite living it, she still believes Dagan to be her new master. She learns the way of the sword, the bow and more – things needed to survive in the world and as she does, she starts to fall in love with Dagan and him with her. Michelinie needs to introduce an inciting incident to the story though, something that will trigger where this book goes from here and he does so with an element of tragedy. He interrupts the peace that the two have found and has Dagan captured with Starfire chasing after him, back into the den she barely escaped from and as Dagan dies in her arms, she swears revenge, takes the fight to Sookaroth. The ending features a bit of triumph and it finds Starfire now a revolutionary and thus readers knowing exactly where the book is heading and happy to be along for the ride. While Michelinie creates an interesting new world, Mike Vosburg and Robert Smith do a great job at making it look good with a very distinctive look for the heroine of the book among other things. The entire package from front to back was a good time to be had from readers and if the quality keeps up, it should make for an incredible series.

4 out of 5

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