Worlds Collide – Chapter One: Youngblood/X-Force #1

The Cast: X-Force (Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Warpath, Caliban, Sunspot, Siryn, Meltdown), Youngblood (Shaft, Badrock, Diehard, Vogue, Riptide, Knightsabre), Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Mojo II, The Agent, Mojo, Major Domo, Ricochet Rita

The Catalyst: Mojo is back on top but ratings are falling as people are tired of seeing the X-Men. Time for some new storylines.

The Convergence: X-Force is doing a little training when a stranger appears in their midst and of course, things begin in fisticuffs as the worst is automatically assumed. After a bit of conversation, while said stranger is holding the team off, Professor X tells them he means no harm and it is discovered that the man called Shaft has just escaped from Mojoworld and is looking for a little help in rescuing his teammates. It seems that Mojo, in need of new stars, has gone to a parallel Earth and found a new group of playthings called Youngblood. So it is that with a little help from Mojo II, Cable and X-Force and of course Youngblood themselves, they are able to put a stop to Mojo’s nefarious plan, though not the monster himself.

The Critique: In what can only be called pure 1990’s nostalgia, two of the decade’s most popular teams get together out of necessity by Eric Stephenson and Roger Cruz and it turns out to be not only a match nobody thought they would see but a good one. Cruz is the perfect artist for the book, his style light and loose, giving the book a nice animated feel which helps to move the story along at a good pace and he definitely would have been a great addition to a Youngblood book had one stuck around for more than a couple of years. Stephenson has a good handle on all the characters and he actually makes readers care about all of them including the man unfortunately named Knightsabre. The only downside to the book is having two teams as large as they are for not everyone is able to get that moment to shine and it would have been nice to see Riptide or Siryn have a bigger role. As for the villain of the piece, Mojo is probably the perfect bad guy to feature as his little dimension gives him that crossover capability needed for a tale such as this but if one were able to choose any villain they wanted, anybody is better than Mojo. When all is said and done, the good outweighs the bad on this one and there was not very much of the latter to be found at all.

The Credits: Eric Stephenson – Writer, Roger Cruz – Artist, Lary Stucker – Inker, Dan Shadian, Extreme Color – Colours; Steve Dutro, Kurt Hathaway – Letters

Companies Involved: Image Comics, Marvel Comics

Chronology: July 1996

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