Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.3 #2

Writer – Keith Giffen, Mindy Newell
Artist – Esteban Maroto
Colorus – Tatjana Wood
Letters – John Costanza

Opening in the garden of White Opal, Amethyst tells him that she needs to seek out the evil that is plaguing the Gemworld before it all falls to Chaos. While he agrees, he knows not how she will accomplish such though she be a Lord of Order. As she tells him how, they are soon transported to where the young Prince Wrynn, now Mordru is and while that confrontation takes place, young Prince Donal heads back to Castle Topaz in order to put a stop to the evil Amethyst has talked about. For a good portion of the book, writers Keith Giffen and Mindy Newell have the story focus upon that battle between good and evil, between Amethyst and Mordru and much of it is verbal in form. Amethyst is confident and sure of herself, no longer the scared little girl she once was while the agent of Chaos does a lot of blustering, threatening her with all that Chaos can bring to the Gemworld. Words can only do so much though and it is not long before Amethyst is forced to take care of Mordru in a more permanent fashion. Be that as it may though, the forces of Chaos are not out of tricks as of yet and just when Amethyst is about to pull out a win, Flaw shows back up with Emmy in hand, dragged back from Earth. Elsewhere, Donal has returned home to find it barren, the city and the castle deserted except for a room that he discovers full of horrors. The man cannot believe what he sees and it is more than he can bear. Surprisingly, his little sister is alive and well and tells him of his parents who are in hiding and after she leads him there, once again, he cannot believe what he sees. Despite there seeming like very little happening, there is in fact a lot and most of it dealing with Amethyst, what she is and why she is back. It is a fascinating read and readers have to give with writers of this book credit for creating a story far more compelling than what they delivered in the last volume of this title. Along with Esteban Maroto, they have created a real, fantastical tale that enchants from page to page and tapered with horror to give it that perfect edge. A great book on all fronts.

4 out of 5

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  1. Hello! I just purchased this mini online and am looking forward to reading it. I’ve been on a Keith Giffen kick lately. Curious if you were aware of and, if so, have any thoughts about his handling of Amethyst in his “Books of Fate” series from the late 1990s. There was a subplot involving an “evil” Amethyst that never went anywhere because of the title’s cancellation. She was presented as a schemer who was trying to essentially become the most powerful of the DCU’s mystics. But having researched Giffen’s handling of the character – making her a Lord of Order and tying her to Mordru – I suspect that perhaps his intent was to eventually show that she had been “possessed” by Mordru, particularly given this was her next appearance following this mini, I believe. Anyway, stumbled on your site, enjoyed your reviews and just figured I’d post this. Thanks!

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    • Cheers! Thanks for checking things out. Yeah, Giffen’s Book of Fate and Fate that preceded it are a couple of titles I’ve been meaning to check out. Glad they’re easy enough to find in dollar bins and stuff. Never knew about the Amethyst sub-plot which makes me want to seek it out a bit more now.


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