Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.3 #1

Writer – Keith Giffen, Mindy Newell
Artist – Esteban Maroto
Colorus – Tatjana Wood
Letters – John Costanza

Immediately upon opening the book and even before doing so, it is the artwork of Esteban Maroto that will immediately catch the eye of the reader as it looks incredibly beautiful, like a fairytale come to life. It seems as such too as Keith Giffen and Mindy Newell start it all off in a dream-like setting which soon turns real as readers will come to recognize White Opal, a man who has gone from ruling a kingdom to overseeing a garden, one which holds a very special treasure indeed – a statue of a girl who once ruled the Gemworld, one named Amethyst. Two young men stumble upon White Opal and his garden and while they are full of mirth, they are enamoured of the statue and when hearing of its origins and that the legends of Amethyst are true, a Lord of Chaos reaches down to abscond with it thereby releasing Amethyst back into the world, as young and beautiful as the day she disappeared. What is most interesting about this book is that even though there is a definite time-jump, many years having passed since the end of the last series, it essentially continues right where it left off though a new cast of players has emerged onto the stage. Case in point, the entire issue builds up to the return of Flaw, features the Lords of Chaos, talks about Amethyst and her past and her being a Lord of Order and so forth. Perhaps what is even more intriguing is the fact that while time has passed on Gemworld, so too has it on Earth – which readers should know anyway and Emmy who was once a little girl is now a grown woman who is married, one with troubles of her own and who dreams of a girl called Amy. The book would also feature the sons of Prince Topaz – now a lord and Lady Turquoise, rulers of their respective kingdoms and still in love these many years later. The boys are as different as can be, one full of light and honour while the other has a darkness that cannot be explained and it is he who is the catalyst for the return of the villainous Flaw. As for where all this goes, one might be able to guess but it is hopeful that Giffen and Newell surprise readers with a few twists and turns as the series progresses.

4 out of 5

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