Issue by Issue

Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #10

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

At first, it seems like a group of savages are attacking and while Samson defends himself and those he allies himself with, it is soon discovered that they are in fact a tribe on the move, having left their homes to find a new one. What it is that has forced them to do as such is curious to Mindor and he believes they came from Staten Island. Lucky for Samson and his friends, they do not have to walk all the way there as the ferry that used to carry people to Staten Island and back is still running thanks yet again, to nuclear power. Otto Binder who pens this tale takes the protagonists out of their comfort zone and into new territory once more and while it may not be as fascinating as Washington or the Arctic Circle, it provides challenges that Samson must overcome, the greatest being Kull the Killer, now calling himself King Kull. In this new locale, Kull is a little warier and a little more cunning and for a bit, he manages to outsmart Samson, using the local terrain against him. It also does not hurt that the trees which live in amongst the apartment buildings of Staten Island are dense enough that they hold dangerous Gorillsaurs, just another poor mutated animal that now has become more than dangerous. For Samson, they pose a very large problem as they are much stronger than him and as far as Kull is concerned, they will most likely take care of his problem before he himself can. Binder writes a fun tale per usual, the man nailing down his formula for success earlier on in the series and coming along for the ride and making it real is Jack Sparling whose pencils do not disappoint. The Gorillasaurs are fascinating, how that merge of animal and reptile DNA came to be nothing short of a miracle, though making for a perfect foil for hero Samson. Sharmaine does little in this issue other than exclaim warnings while Mindor simply acquiesces every time his life is in danger but if they did not do as such, Samson would find little motivation in doing what he does. As the book comes to an end, Kull is defeated of course but one can never count him out it seems for he lives to fight another day if he can get away from the Gorillasaurs who will most likely give him a little to think about while the trio of friends heads back to N’Yark for a little rest before the next adventure.

3.5 out of 5

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