Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Special #1

Writer – Keith Giffen, Mindy Newell, Len Wein
Artist – Ernie Colón, Estaban Maroto
Inker – Pablo Marcus, Estaban Maroto
Colours – Tatjana Wood
Letters – Agustin Mas, John Costanza

It all begins with Amethyst having a conversation with Citrina, the latter obviously still being dead yet Amethyst’s powers enabling her to do so. Amethyst is upset, more than upset and on the verge of a breakdown for she cannot process everything that has been happening over the last little while. It is simply too much and yet, she must go on for Gemworld is in danger and going back to Earth is out of the question. She must, for all intents and purposes, embrace her role as a Lord of Order if she is to both defeat The Child, him being a Lord of Chaos, and find any sort of peace. So it is that she heads back, Keith Giffen and Mindy Newell ignoring the ending of the previous issue and it is not long before she enters into a battle with Flaw, the hulking brute of a monster that none have been able to stand against thus far. Amethyst fares no better and yet, she begins to find a bit of strength within herself, a sliver of confidence that she can be what she was meant to be and when that happens, all bets are off and Flaw returns to what he once was, a lifeless pile of gemstone within the ground. After said defeat, facing off against The Child is no longer an issue and Amethyst absorbs the young Lord into her and the two of them are then absorbed into Gemworld which is soon restored to its former glory. This, as it were, marks the end of Amethyst or at least so it seems. Newell, Giffen and Ernie Colón also show us scenes featuring White Opal and the rest of the Lords and Ladies which is good and even b better, even though it is brief, wraps things up on Earth with Amethyst’s dad breaking off the affair he was having with the other woman while Princess Emerald takes Amy’s place for all intents and purposes, Gemworld being nothing more than a fantastical dream while Amy is simply a friend she once had. It is a sad and sudden ending for all and while it is all wrapped up nicely, readers will immediately wish it to continue, the possibilities for stories being endless. As it is, one of those possibilities is made manifest thanks to Newell, Len Wein and Estaban Maroto in a back-up story called A Thrice-Told Tale that finds a mysterious stranger sharing a fire while being told a story of Amethyst three different ways. The conclusion provides some hope for readers, especially due to the fact that a four-issue series would also follow this, though once that was concluded, it would be many years until Amethyst would have a title of her own once again. Altogether a good package but sad and a little disappointing at the same time.

3.5 out of 5

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