Four Colour Thoughts – Amazing Spider-Man #61

The Creators — Nick Spencer – Writer, Patrick Gleason – Artist, Edgar Delgado – Colours, Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players — Spider-Man, Boomerang, Gog, J.Jonah Jameson, Norah Winters, Wilson Fisk, Hammerhead, The Owl, Bullseye, Shocker, Robbie Robertson

The Story — Peter needs a job today and manages to get one along with a new costume.

The Take — Peter Parker has had a lot of jobs over the years and more often than not, he has drifted back to photography and reporting. With the rent coming due and the prospect of being homeless with Boomerang and Gog, he breaks down to go and see Norah Winters who just so happens to have something for him. Said job comes with a new Spidey suit, one that will not only report on what Spidey is doing but allow viewers to see through his eyes so to speak as it comes with all manner of devices to allow a first-person perspective. Peter is a little against it, especially as he’ll have J. Jonah Jameson in his ear at all times but when he sees the paycheck, all of those doubts wash away. Nick Spencer writes a fun story with this one and it sees Peter Parker doing what he always does though this time, it all comes with a modern twist as Spider-Man becomes the ultimate influencer, advertising while battling supervillains and giving shout-outs when called for. It is ridiculous, to say the least, and even the bad guys give up a few chuckles after being defeated by the likes of this new-look Spider-Man but it definitely fits into the context of the story and the times people currently find themselves in. The costume design which is primarily white and blue is quite decent and while it does not look all that bad, one has to know that in time and more likely sooner rather than later, Spidey will revert back to his classic duds when the time is right. The artwork by Patrick Gleason is great, energetic and full of action, a style perfectly suited for the book where the heroes shine and the villains are painted as shady as they should be. As for those who dwell in the dark, they along with the Kingpin are up to no good as usual with the results of their scheming being a bounty being put upon Boomerang’s head which they mean to complete by taking advantage of those who cannot defend themselves. Not a reboot nor even a new direction, simply a good story by good storytellers featuring the latest twists and turns in the life of Peter Parker.

Worth It? — Yes.

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