Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.2 #16

Writer – Keith Giffen, Mindy Newell
Artist – Ernie Colón
Inker – Karl Kesel
Colours – Tatjana Wood
Letters – Agustin Mas

In the unexpected final issue, though not to those who were producing the books according to the letters page, some have survived the destruction of Castle Amethyst and they wonder where it is that Amethyst could be. Distraught and emotional, she has escaped back to Earth to be Amy Winston once again, vowing never to return to the Gemworld again. With all of the revelations, the destruction, the villains and being blind, it is all too much for her to handle. She just wants to be a girl once again, she wants her parents and her dog Taffy without any of the heartaches that come attached with being Amethyst. Returning home is not all she thought it would be though and comes with its own set of problems, the first being that her mother does not recognize her and thinks of Emmy as her daughter. It is a truly distressing and depressing situation and it is more than Amy can take, the girl on the verge of a breakdown at this point. Questions abound thanks to writers Keith Giffen and Mindy Newell, of how things have gotten to this point and how they might be fixed, if possible. Back in the Gemworld, The Child and Flaw are continuing their path of destruction, heading to White Opal’s city above the clouds where they take the man prisoner to pay for Dark Opal’s crimes while also leaving the place a ruin. It is soon decided that Flaw will head to Earth as there is nowhere that Amethyst can run to escape them and the fate that awaits her. As one might expect, Flaw is a menace and almost kills Taffy before finding that which he seeks and before things are done, Amethyst decides to run back to Gemworld, leaving things on a cliff-hanger as the series comes to an end. While this might be the last issue, there is a Special that is supposed to wrap up all the storylines begun in the title. To say this was a bit of a disappointment is an understatement even though the storytelling was good and the art by Ernie Colón better. Taking the book in a new direction felt like the wrong move when it began and the fact that it ended up getting cancelled seemed to prove the point. As it is, one can take solace that it will be concluded but it would have been nice to see the book continue and things move along as they were with Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin at the helm.

3 out of 5

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